A very belated reminder to anyone interested – I’m one of the speakers at an exciting event to be held this Saturday, March 8th at Reading University. The event is the Celebration of Women Writers, running from 10am till approximately 4pm. I shall be reading excerpts from my novels during the introduction, and then will run a workshop from 11am till 12.30 for those who’ve signed up for my talk. I’m focussing firstly on the use of place and setting in creating Stonewylde, and how this can work for those wanting to write their own fiction. Then I shall discuss the role of the archetype in Stonewylde, drawing on the works of Joseph order phentermine 37.5 mg tablets Campbell and referencing his work “The hero with a thousand faces”. I discovered this book long after writing Stonewylde, and was amazed to find how much I’d drawn on archetypes and symbols from myth and folklore. I shall also be answering any questions thrown at me by the group!

It’s probably too late for most, but if you’d like to book a place at Saturday’s event, the details are: F18 A Celebration of Women Writers; to book – ring 0118 378 8347. The organiser is Penny Hunter (a great Stonewylde fan herself!). I’m really looking forward to it and hope people enjoy my workshop.

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  1. solsticedreamer 16 years ago

    it sounds brilliant~i wish i could be there.

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