I was delighted to do an interview with Woman & Home and am now in a double page feature in the current (October) issue. It’s a really lovely spread and was great fun to do. I’m also of course hoping that it will bring new readers to Stonewylde – which is why I’ve told my story of how I began writing, fell in love with Mr B, and am now a very happily married woman and full time author. There’s not much mention of Stonewylde itself, but the website is at the end of the article and maybe it will at least help people to remember the name Kit Berry!

This article came about by accident really. My PR contact passed me details of a case study request for women whose children have gone to university and how they feel about this. I wrote a little piece about my two sons who’ve gone to uni (my middle son decided it was not for him) but apparently the features people at W&H loved my story so much they decided to write this article instead.

In case anyone is interested in the process, this is how it works. The interview is done by phone, and takes an hour or so. Any follow-up questions to check facts are usually done by e-mail. Then they arrange for a photographer and make-up artist to come and do a photo-shoot. This was very exciting. I’ve never had a make-over before and the gorgeous and very glamorous lady spent an hour working on me. The end result doesn’t look like me at all! can u buy phentermine in mexico It’s also important to wear bright colourful clothes rather than black, which is apparently everyone’s first choice. Hmmn – I wonder why?!

The photographer was a very talented man called Steve Perry. His website is http://www.stephenperry.com/ if you want to take a look at some of his work. He was great fun and spent TWO HOURS taking literally hundreds of shots. They wanted some of me alone and some of Mr B and me together looking loved-up (not difficult of course!). Even though the photos were taken outside in our garden, he used a big light screen that flashes when the photos are taken. This gives the photos that glossy, flattering feel rather than harsh sunlight which doesn’t do much for women of my age. Steve was such a perfectionist and took what seemed like dozens of shots all the same, but he’s a true pro and knew exactly what he was doing. By the end of it I was beginning to feel like a bit of a celeb, especially as the make-up lady kept swooping in to tweak my hair and add lip gloss. And Mr B’s head benefitted from the powder-puff too!

It was all great fun and very exciting to see the article when the magazine came out. I do hope it will bring new readers into our special world of Stonewylde. Oh – and my boys loved it too! There’s an old snap of me with them in the feature. I thought they may object but they’ve been very supportive and proud. I’m a lucky mum.


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  1. cornmother 16 years ago

    And the pictures are gorgeous! Especially the one you’ve used on the Home page.
    More! more!

  2. Anonymous 16 years ago

    You look great Kit! I love reading your blog – you’re quite an inspiration to would be writers (and dieters!). Rebecca xxx

  3. Clare 16 years ago

    I saw this article on the plane to Mexico and was pleased as I have only just discovered your books, was a lovely read and th photos are gorgeous!

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