Last weekend was spent at Womad – now officially renamed from Womud to Wowmad! It was fantastic, and so different from the appalling mud-bath of last year. The weather was absolutely glorious, almost too hot at times. I’d promised to wear my Stonewylde T shirt and asked friends from the Stonewylde Forum to look out for me if they were there. But I’m ashamed to say I didn’t wear my T shirt once – it was just too hot. However Mr B did, and doesn’t he look lovely in it? My niece also wore hers and the pair of them received several comments. One person asked if Stonewylde was another festival – which is a wonderful idea. I couldn’t persuade Mr B to buy the fetching hat he’s wearing in the photo, made apparently from some sort of seed pod so it’s totally organic. Could become the official Stonewylde headgear!

We saw and listened to so much great music, and especially enjoyed the djembe drumming, Egyptian dance and Taiko drumming. Eddy Grant, Squeeze, Little Feat and Show of Hands buy phentermine online canada were some of the better known bands playing. Mr B bought me a very exotic Egyptian belly-dancing skirt as it’s something I’d love to learn to do. There was a great display of it at the Gathering of the Clans near Swanage back in June, which I sadly missed most of as it clashed with my talk. I hear it’s very good for toning the body – who needs aerobics?

What I particularly love about Womad is the chilled atmosphere. There were people of all ages literally, from new born babies to elderly people. It’s such a laid back event, and everyone is so friendly and polite too. The stalls are all amazing. I could have spent a fortune and had to keep a tight rein on the purse strings. We had great fun camping and living al fresco, and have both come home very sun-tanned. I can’t wait for next year! Maybe if any Stonewylde readers are planning to visit Womad next year, we could arrange to meet up somewhere. Let me know!

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