Thanks to Debbie of Mercury Rising Books for pointing out my mistake in the Lammas Newsletter. I got the dates wrong for the two book signing events over the August Bank Holiday weekend. It’s Tapeley Park on Saturday 25th and Avebury on Sunday 26th. Silly me! All I can say is I was rushing to get the newsletter out before the festival, and also in the very final stages of preparing the text and cover to be sent to USA for the printing of the American edition. It was all happening at once (and I was tired after wading through mud at Womad!). Anyway, thanks Debbie!

Yesterday the hard copy of Magus of Stonewylde, the disc, cover proofs, etc were all sent to the printers in Michigan. It’s amazing – you can track the parcel as it makes its way across the world. Right now, it’s just left Memphis, Tennessee (spelling?) and hopefully is now headed in the right direction. Very exciting! I love the thought of that parcel travelling across the water and then overland – all ready to take the USA by storm (I hope!!). Funnily enough, there’s a lovely lady blogger called DovegreyReader who writes a very good book blog every day, and I offered to send her a copy of Magus of Stonewylde a while ago. She agreed to read it, and on the Saturday of the release of Harry Potter 7, my parcel arrived on her doorstep. She wrote a fantastic blog entitled “Stonewylde usurps Potter“, in which she said that she loved the thought of my one lone book travelling through the postal system overnight, jostling with all those millions of copies of Deathly buy phentermine hcl 37.5 mg tablets Hallows. And she chose to read Stonewylde that day! Hence the headline of her blog – which if you google Stonewylde, is now popping up all over the Internet. I don’t think there’s any chance of anything ever usurping Potter – but it’s a nice thought!

We’re off to Eastbourne this weekend for the Lammas Fair, which looks really exciting. I just love pagan parades with all the amazing costumes, giants and dancing. This will be the third one we’ve been to this year (having never been to any before in my life!) as we attended the Jack in the Green Festival at Hastings, and then the Beltane Bash in London. We’re also going to the Hallowe’en Festival in London (run by the same people who do the Beltane Bash) and hopefully I’ll be doing a talk there, and will have a stall selling Stonewylde. And the plan is that we’ll be selling the very first copies of the third book, Solstice at Stonewylde!! It’s not officially published till October 31st, and this festival is on Sat 20th and Sun 21st October, so it really will be advance copies on sale. The weather forecast for this weekend (in Eastbourne anyway) is brilliant, which again makes a change from the other events we’ve attended this year. I was frozen and numb at Hastings and could barely hold a pen to sign books, and dripping wet and soggy in London. It’ll be lovely to be back by the sea and surrounded by hills again – can’t wait to walk up on the cliffs to Beachy Head on Sunday!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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