Cornmother “Crying the Neck” at the Stonewylde Harvest where to buy phentermine in the uk Moon Gathering

I can’t believe it’s all over! Months and months of planning and preparation, and now the Stonewylde Harvest Moon Gathering 2009 is over. Already becoming the stuff of legends.

I simply can’t blog properly now. I am totally exhausted and tomorrow I’m leaving Reading with two of my sons to head for the Welsh mountains. Yes, we’re going to climb Snowdon! I spent quite a while today unloading all the things from the Gathering out of the car, and reloading it with things for our mountain camping trip.

So sadly I can’t now share the glorious details of the Gathering with you, and will have to postpone this pleasure until Thursday. But suffice it to say that the weekend was an absolutely roaring success. Everything was perfect, right down to the totally clear sky on Friday night which enabled us to perform a beautiful full moon ritual out in the open with the Harvest Moon shining down on us in silver glory.

I can truthfully say that this was one of the best weekends of my whole life. To be amongst fifty people who all share a love of my creation of Stonewylde was bliss – and then to discover that you actually like these people and find their company such fun – well, all I can say is that I really didn’t want it to end.

When I return I’ll share more of the experience of the Harvest Moon Gathering with you, but if you’re desperate to read more in the meantime, do take a look at our online community. Today it’s been going crazy as members post their comments, blogs and photos of the brilliant weekend in Dorset. Monkton Wyld was the perfect venue, as I’m sure you’ll see from the photos. And if you do join our community, make sure you read Darcy’s blog about the Gathering. That man is seriously talented.

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  1. Julie 15 years ago

    Dear Kit,

    I’m living in the wrong country. How I wish I could have attended such an event. I believe my blogging friend Leanne from Dorset was able to be there. (Leanne previously bought one of your signed books for me but unfortunately Gracie, my puppy, tore up the book when it came in the mail. However, she did not chew up the signature page!)

    How I wish there were like-minded people in my community. I can’t wait to read about your experience.

    I just ordered “Magus of Stonewylde” for my dear blogging friend Gemma in Arizona. I know she will love it. Her BD is Sept. 30 and now she will not have to search for it in the library or in bookstores anymore. I know already that she will love it – she is my ancestral sister. I have been raving about it to her for quite a while. We are both really into ancient Celtic practices.

    An American Fan, Julie from Bismarck, ND

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