Mr B and Kit in the Stonewylde room in the castle at Arcen

Two beautiful fantasy people in the castle gardens – Elf Fantasy Fair

The lovely autumn faerie flanked by death angels!

Kit goes walkabout in the castle gardens at the Elf Fantasy Fair

Last weekend Mr B and I travelled to the Netherlands to meet up with Sorcha, a devoted Stonewylde fan, and attend the Elf Fantasy Fair in Arcen. We had the most wonderful, magical weekend ever!

We arrived home on Monday night, having been away for several days, and it’s been non-stop ever since. This evening we’re travelling to Harrogate for a Health and Healing Festival, where I’m giving talks and doing book signings on both days. So this blog will be brief. But I’ll continue next week because I really want to tell you all about the wonderful Elf Fantasy Fair and show you some more of our photos.

All I can say now is if you love dressing up (or watching other people dressing up) and enjoy make-believe, can i buy phentermine then this is the event for you. It was SPECTACULAR!!! And everyone was so very friendly and had such a great time there. The weather was perfect – that lovely golden September feel where it’s warm and sunny but without the heat of summer. The castle was gorgeous and the grounds absolutely beautiful.

We had a wyldely successful weekend, introducing many Dutch, German and Belgian people to the world of Stonewylde. But above all we had a fantastic time, ably assisted by our Sorcha on Friday night and all of Saturday, and then Ebany (another Stonewylde fan) and his ladyfriend on Sunday. We really couldn’t have coped without their help because with so many thousands of visitors streaming through our lovely room in the castle, it was really full on from opening time till closing time. Literally never a quiet moment. We were completely exhausted at the end of it. But very very happy.

More on the wonderful Elf Fantasy Fair next week when we’re back from Harrogate.


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  1. Anonymous 15 years ago

    It wa a pleasure to meet you there in the castle.

    Joop (King Gyan1)

  2. Kit 15 years ago

    King Gyan – it was an honour to meet you! Thank you so much for your special visit to the Stonewylde room. Do you have any photos of Sunday morning at the opening ceremony? I’d love to have one of me standing close to you as you addressed the crowd. Hope to see you again in April!

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