We spent a lovely but hectic weekend travelling all over the place, and yesterday was the Health and Healing Festival in Leeds which is a long drive for us. But boy was it worth it! We arrived a little late as usual and quickly set up our table with Magik Thread. They’re a fantastic bookstall crammed full of interesting, alternative stuff and are also a mine of information for the browser. At these events, they give us a whole table for Stonewylde and we decorate it with the books of course, and my green man, the labyrinth, corn dollies, cards, etc.

At this amazing venue there were the usual Mind/Body/Spirit stalls, with many workshops and talks going on in four different rooms. Some festivals charge for their talks but at this one they were all free. Leeds Town Hall is beautiful, highly decorated and with owls everywhere which of course I loved. A whole gang of Stonewylders arrived to say hello – in this picture you can see five of the old faithfuls who really feel like old friends now. There were two others from the Stonewylde forum at the fair too, sadly not in this photo, and it was so good to meet them.

Mr B is confusing me even more now with the photographs because he has a new phone and has decided this is better for photos. But he took some photos too on the small camera (as opposed to the large camera which didn’t make it to Leeds I don’t think – just as well). We’re having issues with photos as some of you may have picked up on because I’m getting so FRUSTRATED at not being able to access them. So in order to silence my bleatings, dear Mr B kindly uploaded and resized the Leeds ones for me when we got home late last night – and today I find that there are only generic adipex reviews about half what I’d expected. I thought we had a lovely one with all the Stonewylders in it. It may of course not be poor Mr B’s fault at all but simply my dodgy memory.

Anyway, it was absolutely wonderful to have seven forum members present in my talk, with many others in the audience who’ve read the books including two young teenage girls. It was great to be able to share my story and experiences with such a sympathetic crowd and I really enjoyed giving the talk. It was also interesting asking the audience about their totems (in relation to the Stonewylde pendants given at the Rite of Adulthood) and I may develop this theme further for next year. There’s a limit to how often I can talk about my hare and the labyrinth!

The event in Leeds also brought home to us how we need to get on with the next Stonewylde T-shirt. We’ve sold out of all of them except for a few small ones, and have had requests from some ladies for strappy vests as well as T-shirts, so we need to crack on with this. We may go for black next time as people do love their black T-shirts – what do you all think? I welcome any suggestions either here, or on the forum, or by e-mail, about the next T-shirt.

Now it’s a very busy ten days ahead leading up to Port Eliot, and I shall explain more about this in my next blog. I also have my Race for Life next Sunday and am trying to practise for that as I’m woefully behind in my training. If anyone would like to sponsor me (and many, many thanks to those who already have) you can do it online, and there are Race For Life links on both the main Stonewylde website and the forum. Every little bit helps so please do if you can.


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  1. cornmother 15 years ago

    Nice to see MA looking good (as well as all you other lot!)

  2. i know those faces 🙂 and a fine bunch of lovelies they are too 😀

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