We’ve just returned from a very exciting long weekend in Amsterdam. What a beautiful city! And one of the best things was the lack of traffic – hundreds and hundreds of bikes, but very few cars. Such a difference to the congested, polluted streets of London. We visited for a birthday celebration, but one of my forum members from the Netherlands had recommended a few potential outlets for the Stonewylde books. Never being ones to ignore an opportunity, Mr B and I took some books and promotional cards with us and on our last day there, located the shops.

First we visited the Waterstones branch – a lovely shop which felt exactly like the British ones, with black and gold decor. We were delighted to find that Magus of Stonewylde was already here (albeit in the Teenage section as usual – sigh!). The assistant was really pleased to see us and immediately asked me to sign the books. She was interested in the other two books in the series, not having noticed Stonewylde before as she was new to that department. She faced the books outward and promised to order copies of Moondance and Solstice. And also read them herself!

We then went along to the American Book Centre just round the corner, an absolutely buy phentermine next day delivery wonderful bookshop. It was laid out on several floors, with great curving bookshelves and a massive tree trunk rising up through the open plan floors. It has a huge fantasy section which is renowned amongst not only the American and British living in Amsterdam, but also amongst the Dutch themselves, who of course as a rule speak practically fluent English. Ebany my forum member had told us about this fantasy section, and it was truly amazing. Although we usually resist labelling Stonewylde as fantasy (because it isn’t!) we felt in this instance the placement would be justified.

The buyer was extremely helpful and very interested in stocking the Stonewylde books. She took copies for review, and assured us that she’d be ordering stock from one of our distributors in the next few days. She also talked about arranging a possible future event, which is a very exciting prospect. Mr B and I can’t wait to return to Amsterdam – what a great way to mix business with pleasure! We’re so grateful to Ebany for alerting us to this opportunity to get the books on sale on the Continent, which is a big step forward for Stonewylde.


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  1. Pixiedust 16 years ago

    Well done kit. I hope you had a lovely time. what were the saffron cakes like in amsterdam. lol. xx

  2. Ancestral Celt 16 years ago

    Sound like a productive trip, Kit. Glad to hear it all went well and Mr B enjoyed his birthday.

  3. Tink 16 years ago

    You’ve got another big fan in The Netherlands now: me! ;-) I’ll spread the word for sure!

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