Kit Berry and Simon Key at the Big Green Bookshop

I spent a lovely evening at the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, and it was great to meet Simon Key and his business partner Tim West at last. Simon found the original e-mail I sent him back in April 2008, not long after the shop had opened, and it made me realise just how long I’d been hoping to visit this special shop.

I was made very welcome and plied with wine right from the start. Tim even presented me with my own blue glasss goblet, which you can just make out in the photo above. It was a horrible wet and dark Friday evening, but we tried to make the event as cosy and welcoming as possible. We put candles all over the shop which created a soft and magical light when we turned off the horrible fluorescent strips. Good job Simon and Tim own their own business and make their own decisions re “Elf ‘n Safety”. We were all responsible grown-ups and there was no conflagration. Unfortunately it was so dark buy phentermine 30mg blue and white capsule that none of the photos have come out very well! Thanks to Simon for sending me the one above, taken with the lights on.

It was great to meet the people who’d turned out on an evening when most sensible people would have snuggled down in front of the TV and the fire. We had a lovely time and I really enjoyed speaking to everyone and signing books for them. And at the end of the evening, Simon even gave me another present – a bookmark with a picture of two rabbits on it, which he tried hard to convince me were hares!

I’m so glad to have finally met Simon and Tim and visited their shop. Do go there if you can, or take a look at their website here. They’ve done such a brave thing, setting up their own shop like this (see my previous blog for more details) and it’s good to support the little guys who have the courage to pit themselves against the big boys. Long live the independents!

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