Lipstick in the black marble bathroom – reminiscent of Magus’ room!

View from Centre Point across London – including the London Eye
Kit signing up with Piers Russell-Cobb

Piers anticipates success with Stonewylde!
Last night I spent an exciting evening which may just change my life! After three months of discussion and negotiation, I zoomed up the dizzying height of Centre Point in Tottenham Court Road, London in a swishy lift to sign an author-agent agreement with Piers Russell-Cobb of The MediaFund Ltd.

There was some other big event going on at the Paramount Club, which occupies the top three floors of this sky-scraper landmark building, and downstairs the security men were turning away journalists and paps alike. “Surely,” I thought, “they haven’t come to photograph me signing up with my new literary agent?” No, they hadn’t. It was an interview and photoshoot with someone called Kate (Moss? Winslett? Price? – I didn’t actually get to see her as this was on a different floor) and we were left alone to sign the contract.

It could have all turned nasty, as in the glamorous darkness of the Paramount Club’s facilities(and not wearing my glasses at this point) I was just applying more lipstick when Mr B barged into the loos.

“You can’t come in here!” I spluttered indignantly. Is there no sanctuary from my husband’s attentions? But it turned out I was in the Gents’ – whoops!!

Anyway, after my faux-pas we sat in the very glitzy lounge drinking a crisp Sauvignon Blanc with the most amazing backdrop behind us – London spread out like jewels – and Piers outlined again his exciting vision for Stonewylde. He really is a darling, and I’d sign up with him for his perfect vowels alone. I remember his first phone-call, when he’d started reading Magus of Stonewylde and realised that he’d found his next big project. He was so excited! What I really like about buy phentermine in uk Piers is that he completely “gets” Stonewylde. He’s an experienced business man, having worked in the publishing and film industries for many years after Oxford, and most recently attached to the Marsh Agency as well as running his own company. In Piers’ mind there is no doubt about Stonewylde’s success. He understands it’s different, hard to categorise, outside the box. But that’s the sort of man he is too, and with his extensive range of contacts in the world of books and films, he’s confident of securing a good deal for me which will enable Stonewylde to finally hit the big time.

I’m an upbeat sort of person but I’m also a realist, and would never make the mistake of counting chickens too early. I’ve always had faith in Stonewylde and its appeal – several thousand readers can’t be wrong! But likewise I will believe it all when I see it, and in the meantime I’d like to thank again all those who’ve been behind me from my early days as a complete unknown, a Dorset school-teacher who had the dream of becoming a writer. I’ve had the most amazing, uplifting support and loyalty from my readers, many of whom have spent their time and money helping to spread the word, following me about on my travels, writing me e-mails of encouragement, keeping my networking site active and welcoming … the list just goes on and on. I can’t imagine there are many authors who enjoy such incredible support and I’ll never forget it.

Let’s hope that last night’s signing with Piers Russell-Cobb brings Stonewylde into the mainstream and perhaps even onto the big screen, and most of all that I’ll now be able to concentrate on writing. That’s what I’m longing for most – there’s a lot more to come from the pen (or laptop) of Kit Berry!


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  1. Cornmother 14 years ago

    Well done, that lady! May this be the start of your meteoric rise to fame – long overdue and well deserved! Have a great weekend.

  2. Kit Berry 14 years ago

    Thank you, Cornmother! And as a PS I must say that the signing had been postponed from the initial Wednesday appt in Mayfair as I’d told everyone. Sorry for not letting people know – but it’s done now and last night was more fun and special too.

  3. Brooke 14 years ago

    Congrats Kit! All the best for the exciting times ahead!
    We love Stonewylde and the world will too

  4. Brackers 14 years ago

    I was quite literally 2 minutes down the road from you last night and never knew!

    Masses of good luck

  5. Gem 14 years ago

    Fantastic news Kit, congratulations!!! Hope that this means you will be able to concentrate on your writing, I for one can’t wait to see what you come up with next 🙂 Gem xxx

  6. Tink 14 years ago

    Congratulations, Kit! Stonewylde deserves to hit it big time! Every single person I introduced it to likes it; as you said we can’t all be wrong. Good thing you can concentrate on writing now, can’t wait for new stuff. Although rereading the books never bores me… 🙂

  7. Anonymous 14 years ago

    What wonderful news!Congratulations!Now the world can enjoy Stonewylde, but we can swank about it because we knew about it first!!!!!

  8. Beantighe 14 years ago

    Huge congratulations and very well done, Kit! At long last Stonewylde is on the launching pad, ready to aim for the stars! I’m already ‘seeing’ the premiere opening night of the (first) Stonewylde film! But please do stay with this genre – we can’t get enough of it!
    Love, luck and many blessings,

  9. Kath 14 years ago

    How exciting. I am looking forward to following this new stage in your life!

  10. Ancestral Celt 14 years ago

    Congratulations, Kit. I will enjoy watching Stonewylde go mainstream.

    And, yes, London is pretty at night, when viewed from a great height.

  11. Sugar Whiting 14 years ago

    Congrats..I hope to check out Stonewylde out soon!!

  12. laoi gaul~williams 14 years ago

    oh kit this is such wonderful news~how exciting!!!

    i agree with Beany~we need more of this genre 😉

  13. lisa 14 years ago

    Yipppeeeeeee Kit!Fantastic news !!! I could be your banner monitor! xxxxx

  14. MoonGoddess 14 years ago

    Wow Kit….you must be sooooo excited. Fingers crossed this is just the start of somethig really BIG


    MoonGoddess xxxxxx

  15. Kit Berry 14 years ago

    Wow – thank you all so much for your comments. What lovely enthusiasm from everyone! Of course it could all come to nothing – just because I have a literary agent now doesn’t necessarily mean that publishers will want to buy Stonewylde. But fingers crossed that we’ll find a good deal which will enable me to get on with writing more. Thanks again for your encouragement, and I’ll remember who was rooting for Stonewylde before the rest of the world discovered it!

  16. Jan-B 14 years ago

    Three cheers for Stonewylde and three cheers for Kit! Not only have you written some good stories that has taken us away from our everyday lives for a wonderful journey to the land of hares, magic, a moongazy girl, a boy with a beautiful soul and so much more, you have also created a huge network of people who just enjoy getting together, sharing their lives with each other and all wish you so much success. Good luck kit – may all your dreams come true. DM xx

  17. mack 14 years ago

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  18. Susan Ealding 14 years ago

    Well I have just read this blog so better late than never with my congatulations too Kit!

    We all knew that someone would be out there who, as you say, ‘gets’ Stonewylde and he seems an absolute darling too.

    Do keep us posted as you know how we are all gagging for book 4….

    Sujee xxx

  19. Mandi 14 years ago

    Huge congratulations Kit!
    You deserve every success under the Sun and Moon!

  20. jane a 14 years ago

    Well done Kit – knew you/Magus were meant for the bigger picture!

    Loads of love Jane/Robyn/Zoe

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