We are back from the most wonderful, magical and extraordinary festival at Port Eliot and I wish I were still there. We arrived home last night well past midnight after an amazing weekend away. I want to tell you all about it – the people we met, sights we saw, things we did – but we have friends and family coming to stay tonight and more arriving tomorrow so I need to empty the car (still packed tight with muddy tent/gazebo/wellies/clothes) so I can get out to the shops to buy some food. Then quickly hoover, make up beds, start cooking, put tent and gazebo out to dry ….. Aargghh – I don’t buy phentermine lollipops want to do this ordinary stuff, nor deal with the 80+ e-mails that are now awaiting my attention! I want to be back at the place of my dreams feeling that peculiar sense of magic that is Port Eliot.

I shall post blogs and photos about the festival and the place throughout the week, whenever I get a minute around my guests, my business stuff, arranging the Harvest Gathering weekend and everything else. In the meantime, here are a couple of photos taken on Saturday at sunrise. To anyone reading this whom I met over the weekend – wasn’t it brilliant?

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  1. laoi gaul~williams 15 years ago

    sounds as you had a great time kit~cannot wait to see the photos 🙂

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