Oh dear. In the Imbolc newsletter I asked people to check my blog as I was going to make a concerted effort from now on to update it regularly. We had a really late night last night and the newsletter was finally sent out at about 2.30am. I woke up this morning to see how many people had opened their newsletter, and found 44 had already – and several of them had checked this blog! How disappointing for them as I hadn’t actually written anything yet.

This weekend I will – a proper post. So if you’re one of the keen buy phentermine south africa people reading this, come back again on Sunday night please! I’m too tired right now and my brain isn’t working yet. Being an owl rather than a lark. I just don’t get how some people wake up early all bright and chirpy and get things done. Since I gave up teaching it’s only got worse. And of course this is the time of year when sensible creatures go into hibernation anyway. I’m trying but I keep getting woken up!

But it’s Imbolc today – and it’s bright and sunny but cold. Bright blessings to everyone, and come back soon. xxx

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  1. solsticedreamer 16 years ago


    Hope you had a lovely Imbolc and feel the stirrings of spring!

    lee xoxox

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