In capital letters on my three lists today it said “WRITE BLOG!”. Oh dear. And now we’re about to leave for Port Eliot. It’s 8.30pm and we won’t be arriving at Saltash until after midnight I reckon. We’re booked into a cheap hotel for the night – all set to arrive in St Germans tomorrow morning, bright and early and refreshed after a good night’s sleep! That’s the plan anyway.

I’ve been so very busy this week. It was my youngest son’s graduation which was wonderful. A very proud moment for me indeed and we had a lovely day. Mr B treated us all to lunch in Covent Garden after the ceremony, and we cracked the champagne out. Will has a place to do an MA at Kings College, London where he did his Batchelors degree, but has deferred it for a year in order to work and save some money to pay for it. It’s a weird feeling when your baby proves once and for all that actually he’s grown up now.

All week I’ve been frantically sewing my costume, getting all the bits and pieces ready for the Stonewylde Gazebo and making my head-dress. I’m dressing as the Corn Mother and our gazebo will be full of corn dollies made by our famous Corn Mother from the forum. Today I received a parcel of beautiful jewellery, lent to me by Where the Wild Roses Grow, also from the forum. She makes the most buy phentermine pakistan exquisite pieces and the idea is that I swan around Port Eliot displaying her jewels and people will stop me and ask “Where did you get that gorgeous necklace from?”

And actually I think it may work. The place will be teeming with the rich, famous and influential. As well as lots of nice ordinary folk too. I’m going to be interviewed by Simon Costin for the Port Eliot radio show – he has an hour programme on the Sunday and wants to talk to me about Stonewylde. He’s a big fan so that should be good. I’ve also been asked to appear in a TV interview too which sounds interesting. I’ll write all about this next week when it’s over.

So now I must leave. Mr B is fidgeting. He’s a patient man but even he has limits. I need to do some more work on my talk, which I’m giving on Saturday in the famous Round Room. Maybe I can do that tonight when we arrive in Saltash. Most of all I need to chill out after all the frantic rushing around this week. I can’t wait to be in Cornwall! My mother’s family were Cornish and I feel a very strong sense of homecoming every time I cross the River Tamar. We’re off! The car is packed so tight that at least nothing can break. Wheat, golden dresses, sunflowers and lots and lots of Stonewylde books!


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  1. Kath 15 years ago

    What a lovely photo of a handsome son and proud Mum! Have a wonderful trip to Port Eliot, best wishes Kath

  2. Anonymous 15 years ago

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