I’m in a state of great excitement today, which is just as well as it’s helping take my mind off the agony of my hips. I’m still feeling like a little old lady and it’s making me very cross. I trained for that half-marathon walk. I didn’t enter as a complete newb with no walking experience at all. And yet today and yesterday I’ve been so stiff and hobbly. Not calves, buttocks, thighs, knees etc which I know are all quite normal after a long and fast walk, but on my hips. Now I’ve been dreaming about hip replacements. Is it normal for hips to hurt so much after power-walking? If anyone out there knows, please tell me. It’s worse when I’ve been sitting still for any length of time. And of course running is out of the question for today at least.

The excitement has come about because I heard this morning that there’s a place for me on a dowsing event at the Rollright Stones later this month. I’ve never been dowsing, and nor have I been to the Rollright Stones so it’s doubly exciting. The problem I’ve always had with dowsing is fairly early on in my path, I came across some really silly people who were into dowsing and it just put me off the whole thing. You know how you can associate things in your mind. So although I’ve always believed fully in the concept of earth energy/ley lines/energy spirals/etc (you only have to read Stonewylde to see just how much I believe in them) I’ve never actually dowsed before. I’ve held a dowsing rod and felt it twitch, but it was always in the company of people whom I didn’t really want to share such a special thing with. I either like doing magical things alone, or with special people. I get put off if I feel those around me aren’t in tune, which is why I call myself a solitary.

Anyway, I’m now going on a special trip to Rollright with someone who’s meant to be a real expert in the field and knows their stuff. I am really looking forward to the whole experience and will can i buy phentermine in mexico report back afterwards – not for a couple of weeks yet.

The picture above is one Mr B took nearly two years ago at Lammas in Eastbourne. We were there by invitation of Jerry Bird (who’s since moved to Dorchester) who was one of the organisers of the big Lammas Festival held there every year. We had a wonderful time, and were particularly taken with this beautiful lady dressed in Lammas finery. Mr B was even more particularly taken with her and when I suggested he went outside with her to take some photos for the website (me being busy signing books at the time indoors) he leapt at the chance. I can’t remember her name now (although she gave permission to use the photos we’d taken) because in my mind she was Miranda with that beautiful hair.

When I was invited by Lady St Germans to attend the Port Eliot Literary Festival at the end of this month (see my News and Events page on the main website for full details) I suggested that I dress as the Corn Mother complete with golden outfit, dollies and of course the head-dress. Those of you who’ve read Moondance of Stonewylde will know all about this. Lady St Germans was very excited about this and so now I’m going to be appearing in costume (for the whole weekend, weather permitting) and am in the process of putting it all together.

Yesterday I started to make my head-dress. I shall keep you updated on progress but let’s just say – I’m not very good at this sort of thing! If only my friend Debbie were here! She was brilliant at anything fiddly (helped me ice my wedding cake for instance) and would have loved to make me a corn and poppy head-dress. I’m modelling it loosely on the one worn above by Miranda but don’t hold me to that! I’m now just about to start weaving some vine leaves into the circlet, if my creaky joints will permit me to sit on the floor. It’s strewn with wheat heads, vine leaves, poppies, sunflower heads and florist’s tape at the moment. The cats are loving it.


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  1. Kath 15 years ago

    I agree, a very beautiful lady. I look forward to seeing your finished head-dress. So glad you are posting, I enjoy reading them. Best wishes Kath http://www.railwaycottage.blogspot.com

  2. how exciting for you kit! cannot wait to see the head-dress. i have a real fondness for them and still have the willow and birch circle of a samhain one i made.

    i just love that photo~she is very beautiful indeed…and that hair! wish mine was still as vibrant!

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