Pegasus outside the Harrogate Health and Healing Pavilion

Kit and Mr B with a Stonewylde Promo-Pixie in the new T-shirt

The Book Babes! Anna-Louise Haigh, Kit, Marsha Scarbrough and Karen French

We had a wonderful time over the weekend at the Harrogate Health and Healing Festival. Organised by Ruth and Neil, who also do the Buxton Festival, it was a lovely venue and everything went very smoothly, with loads of visitors pouring into the showground pavilion.

I was on the author’s table next to Anna-Louise Haigh, with whom I’ve become very friendly this year, and Marsha Scarbrough. She’d come all the way from the USA to promote her book “Medicine Dance” and was a really lovely, warm lady – the sort you take to instantly. Karen French joined us on the Sunday, and is another friendly author I keep bumping into at these events. We called ourselves “The Book Babes” and had great fun together. And the carrot cake and chocolate brownies were fab!

What was lovely for me was the arrival of various members of the Stonewylde Community, and one of them is pictured can i buy phentermine in the uk above. I also met up with so many people who’ve read the books. The other Book Babes actually became a bit sick of this I think. People would descend on us, we’d all think “Oh good, some book customers!” and then they’d say “No I’ve already read Stonewylde. I just wanted to know when’s the fourth book out?”. And the other Babes would groan and roll their eyes.

We had a really nice time and sold lots of books with the Magik Thread Bookstall, who were hosting me. I enjoyed giving my talks on both days and luckily the venue was a lot more pleasant than the room I was allocated in Buxton! It’s been a very busy year for us, travelling up north to all these different festivals, but it’s been worth it to meet so many new readers. The last event in the north this year for me is in the middle of October, when I’ll be at Gorton Monastery in Manchester.

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