The park behind our house
So many conkers!

Sweet chestnuts ripening
It’s a beautiful sunny October day, warm and golden, with clear skies and soft light. I wish I were out in it, instead of confined to my bed feeling sorry for myself. It’s not till you can’t do something that you long for it even more, and what I’d really like to be doing now is going on a long walk and being part of the whole beauty that is October.

I’ve been ill now for a week. It started the day after Olympia and at first I thought it was just a cold – a nasty violent cold, but just a cold. But by Wednesday it was obviously not that, because the cold symptoms stopped and the horrible headachy and feeling weak and weird bit started. I can’t believe how much I’ve slept! I’ve also erupted in cold sores all over my nose, which isn’t a pretty sight.

I don’t have ‘flu, but the doctor says it is some kind of virus. I’m desperately hoping I’ll be able to make it to Gorton Monastery in Manchester for the weekend. I’ve been so looking forward to this event, our last one up north this year. The venue is apparently very special, and I know generic phentermine reviews that a lot of my lovely Stonewylders are planning to come along for a bit of a get-together. Of course they’ll still do that whether I’m there or not, but I really would like to be part of it! And we’re booked into a lovely hotel on a special offer. I shall have to decide very soon if I can go or not because I can’t let the organiser, Angie of BSSK Events, down. Nor the Magik Thread Bookstall who host me, and of course, not my wonderful Stonewylders either.

Oh dear. Maybe it’s a good lesson though, because I really do take my health for granted. Lying here feeling achy and miserable and unable to do all the things I want to, and feeling especially cross because it’s such a magical day outside and I can’t be part of it – all this makes me realise how awful it must be for people who are really sick. I can’t imagine how bad that must be, and perhaps I should actually see the positive side of this virus. Health is definitely one of those things you take for granted until it’s gone, so this is my chance to appreciate my normal wellness, and sympathise with those in poor health.


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  1. Leanne 15 years ago

    sending healing wishes to you Kit

    Leanne x

  2. Jan-B 15 years ago

    So sorry you are poorly – I think you have burned your self out young lady! Time to rest and relax and don’t try to go wizzing around quite as much! Plenty of sleep ZZzzzzzz get well soon! much love Jan (DM) xxx

  3. Gem 15 years ago

    Oh Kit, so sorry to hear you’re still poorly 🙁 Hope you are able to go to Gorton Monastery on Saturday 🙂 There are quite a lot of us Stonewylders going and it would be lovely if you are able to be there 🙂 If you’re not well enough to come we totally understand and will keep you updated on the forum 🙂 Sending lots of positive wishes your way and hopefully meet you on Saturday,
    Gem xxx

  4. Kit 15 years ago

    Thank you all so much – your good wishes mean a lot to me! Gem – still don’t know whether to come or not. Feeling quite a lot better but still not right. Sensible option would be to stay at home and finish recuperating. But what’s sensible? I will let everyone know via the community site if I’m coming or cancelling. Desperately want to come! Though Mr B may of course put his foot down. It has been known. Thanks again all of you. xxx

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