I’m very busy today preparing for the Port Eliot Festival. And I’m SO EXCITED !!! Our tickets arrived today, mine as “artiste” and Mr B’s as “guest”. Whoo hoo! They confirmed my speaking slot for the Saturday at 12.30 in the Round Room, which for those of you who know anything of Port Eliot, is a very famous room indeed. It’s round (obviously!) and painted with murals of local people by the controversial artist (now deceased) Robert Lenkiewicz. I shall be talking about harvest traditions, corn dollies and of course, Stonewylde, with a reading from Moondance of Stonewylde which features Lammas.

But the speaking slot is only a tiny part. We’ll be there from the Thursday night, ready to set up our gazebo on Friday morning. Our wonderful Cornmother from the community site has sent me so many beautiful corn dollies and favours, and we’ll be creating a magical room of Stonewylde related things – the dollies, hares, green men, a crow etc – and of course plenty of Stonewylde books too.

Mr B and I shall be dressing up in showman style (inspired by dear Simon Costin – I’ve always liked razzmatazz and he’s kind of given it authentication) and I’m very busy today and for the next week making my Corn Mother costume. I’d like to be known as the Corn Maiden but fear generic phentermine imprint e5000 that perhaps I’m a little old for that, so Corn Mother it is! The photo above shows some of my workshop (the sitting room floor) and my creative endeavours. The dress was a bargain from e-bay (some young thing’s prom outfit – now put to much better use!) and is a beautiful silky golden affair with organza and beading and a laced bodice. Ooh-er! I’m accessorising with red satin, poppies and corn, and hoping the whole ensemble will be spectacular.

Mr B’s will be slightly less extravagant as he isn’t quite such a show-off as me, but will involve a bowler hat and maybe a frilly shirt! I can say no more at this point. I’d better stop here as Mr B says I waffle on far too much in my blogs and need to be more succinct. But one thing I must say: the photo above I took on the little camera, got it into my laptop, saved it somewhere, rotated and resized it and even managed to get it straight onto the blog!!! Feels like the old days before I met Mr B when life, computers and cameras were simple. No horrid networks and complicated stuff! I feel re-empowered and there’s no stopping me now.

Right – now to thread my needle and start hemming.


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  1. Kath 15 years ago

    So looking forward to seeing what you make! I know what you mean about complicated…I’m lucky to have my own IT expert “in house”! best wishes Kath http://www.railwaycottage.blogspot.com

  2. CrazyJaneDesigns 15 years ago

    oooh , so wish i could come to Port Elliot. I think as I’m Mrs Elliot that they should send me free tickets as I’m obviously part of the family!! oh well I’ll have to work hard and save up for next year,.
    can’t wait to see you in your outfit and Mr B. I love a bit of dress up!! hope you have fun.

  3. Darcy 15 years ago

    Poor Mr B having to wear a frilly shirt! Wish me and Ave could come to that festival – sounds wonderful!

  4. like darcy, i wish swampy and i could come too, it sounds great.
    instead we will be decorating!

    but the outfit sounds just wonderful~looking forwards to seeing it in all its glory 🙂

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