Fun in the park

Trying to get to the shed to find the spade – guess what happened when I opened the door!
Can you see my wellies? No – snow is too deep!
Icicles and snow from our kitchen window

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Icicles in the forsythia

I noticed that in 2009 I made 51 blog entries – on average, almost one a week in fact! Sadly though my last entry was well over a month ago and I’m sorry to all those who read my blog about this long silence. I came back from the Schumacher College very happy and excited, and feeling spiritually energised. But less than a week after writing my last post, Mr B and I had a sudden and very shocking family bereavement.

I think the year 2009, for all its good things (of which there were many), will remain in my memory as the year of bereavement. I lost three people whom I cared for very much, one after a long and dreadful bout with cancer and two completely unexpectedly, though through illness rather than accident. If nothing else, 2009 taught me a lesson about human frailty and confirmed more than ever my beliefs about living for the moment and savouring every drop of life. It also reminded me how vital it is to appreciate our friends and family and not take their existence for granted. Life is precious and love even more so, and both should be celebrated and appreciated. I hope I remember this lesson in the next decade and act upon it.

We spent the Winter Solstice at the funeral, which in many ways is fitting for the darkest day and longest night of the year. It was cold and icy, and the sense of death and withdrawal from life was very powerful. But it was also a time of family love and warmth, of gathering in the cave as a tribe with the coldness and terror kept at bay outside, and Dec 21st was a time of great healing of old hurts and wounds and a chance to bury the remains. We drove home feeling sad but positive – and then hit the first big snowstorm. Wow! It took us several hours to get home, and eventually we abandoned the car in deep snow and walked the last three miles back at 1.30am!

Yule was a lovely purchase phentermine online cheap time, despite the sadness of loss, of gathering with family and friends, and then Mr B and I travelled to Brittany to spend New Year’s Eve with friends. The Blue Moon was beautiful, glimpsed on and off during the evening through snow clouds. A truly magical time and one which filled me with hope and excitement for the coming decade. New Year’s Day, 01.01.10, was bright and frosty, everything dusted with sparkling snow. Mr B and I walked amongst some local standing stones, Cordon des Druides, which I think I mentioned in a summer blog. That was a very exciting way for me to begin this decade and I feel that on a personal level, 2010 will be a wonderful year.

That night the skies were clear, and with no light pollution the stars glittered brilliantly. We watched the almost-full moon rise, golden and bright, behind the trees. Later, when it was high and silver, we lit sky lanterns and as they sailed off above the frosty fields, all of us there felt an immense uplifting of spirits and sense of anticipation for the year and decade ahead.

Since returning to England, we’ve spent the past week buried under un-heard-of amounts of snow. It’s been lovely having Mr B working from home. I’ve spoken to people in my street for the first time since moving here over 18 months ago! The camaraderie when one is shovelling snow and “skating” to the local shops is wonderful. I’ve been amazed at the beauty of the cold snowy weather – particularly the icicles. Sadly today the thaw has at last set in and it’s grey and dripping outside. And lonely without Mr B.

I have lots of New Year’s Resolutions, one of which is to blog weekly. Another of which is to keep up with e-mails the day they arrive if possible (I have a back-log from November and beyond – really sorry if you’re still waiting for a reply and maybe try again?) but certainly by the end of each week. But the most important one is to value the precious gift of life – both my own and other people’s.

Bright blessings for 2010 to all of you who read my blog and everyone who’s enjoyed Stonewylde. Let’s hope it’s a good one full of wonderful things!


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  1. Kath 14 years ago

    Blessings to you too Kit! I agree with you totally, I will be treasuring every moment from now on, after a recent health scare that made me take stock.
    Like you, we have had huge amounts of snow and my Husband has been at home, roll on retirement, I shall love it. Wishing you health and happiness for 2010, best wishes Kath

  2. Jan-B 14 years ago

    Nice to have you back Kit! You are right that the snow brings you together with the community. We moved up to Norfolk from surrey on the day the snow started in December and our first days here were in cold and darkness as electric went off for 2 days! My new neigbours were lovely and one lady who has enough of her own problems to deal with still found time to bring me hot water and invite me to sit in front of her fire! I am trying to savour every moment of our new start for 2010. Happy New Year to you & Mr B! xx DM

  3. So sorry to hear of your news – three bereavements in one year is a heavy burden for anyone. My Father died from cancer last July which hit me hard as we were great friends, and it has left a large gap in my life. But now I am moving forwards in 2010 with lots of positive resolve. I’m really glad the blue moon comforted and inspired you – I had those feelings too. I hope this is a great year for you, personally and professionally – not forgetting Mr B too of course! xx

  4. Cally's Cottage 14 years ago

    Wishing you a year full of love laughter !
    Warm Winter Wishes,

  5. Willow 14 years ago

    I love reading your blogs… always so interesting…. and I look forward to the ‘year of wonderful things’. it’s very sad that you have had so many bereavements in one year…. or indeed any at all…. so I send loving/healing thoughts to you and your family. wishing you and Mr.B a very happy new year. do you have a list of your ‘appearances’ for 2010 lol…. I don’t seem to be able to find a list of places where you will be in 2010 except Quest. looking forward to seeing you again soon. many blessings, Willow xXx

  6. Kit Berry 14 years ago

    Many thanks to you all for your lovely comments. It’s wonderful to know that people do read my blog! Willow – see the latest newsletter for my diary of events, and the News and Events page of my website too. I hope to meet up with lots of you next year xxx

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