Stonewylde Series

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Stonewylde is a series of five novels, my first published work, and has attracted a dedicated and diverse readership. It's difficult to define by genre, but is enjoyed by both teens and adults, many of whom meet up online and in person. Stonewylde is set deep in Dorset and is about love, life and natural magic.


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Moongazy Publishing

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The company was formed in 2005 to publish the initial books in the Stonewylde series. Five years later, the worldwide print and digital rights to the series were sold to the Orion Publishing Group. Moongazy Publishing Ltd holds Stonewylde's screen, audio and merchandising rights, and is now diversifying into new projects.

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Thinner Goddess Diet

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This new lifestyle diet will be launched in 2017. The plan promotes a healthy and balanced approach to nutrition and exercise, using innovative methods that focus on both the mind and body. I hope to help women who are struggling to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and give them new confidence and zest for life.

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